As tax specialists, we are required to conduct a great deal of research in order to support our opinions and our work. As such, we use the LexNow platform on a regular basis and can testify with certainty to our complete satisfaction with what it offers, both in terms of its intuitive search interface and the exhaustiveness of the subjects covered.

Thierry Derochette, Tax specialist at Tax Connected

The LexNow database is great when it comes to legislative texts. It contains the consolidated versions and offers the possibility to translate them into several languages. It also contains a lot of case law. Regarding to the doctrine, the access to books and journals is really top-level.

Agaïchata Souley Ali, Knowledge Manager at Linklaters

LexNow in a few words: a team very attentive to its customers, reactive and innovative.

Nicole Moujon, Knowledge Manager at CMS Luxembourg

Browsing the news on LexNow gives me a good start to my day. I am up to date with the latest case law and doctrine and thus ensure that I do not miss any important legal information. Regularly updated with new journals and books and updated with legislation, LexNow has become an essential database.  

Emmanuelle Valding, Knowledge Manager at NautaDutilh