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Legal documentation

Optimize your time, boost your legal expertise


Our solution for your organization

An autonomous, evolving and multi-modular platform to meet a maximum of your needs.


Your best return on investment

  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • Intensive use of the product
  • An overview on the level of knowledge and learning of your team


Knowledge manager

The guarantee of continuous information

  • Easy onboarding of all your employees
  • Interaction with your teams
  • Intensive use of all product features

Legal professional

A boosted expertise

  • More relevant search results
  • Personalized legal monitoring
  • The possibility of acquiring expertise in new areas

How does it work?

The best features to save time and gain efficiency

Unlimited access

to all content and features of the platform without any restrictions by subject, language or territory.

Personal and customizable space

to save and quickly access all your reference documents and to build customized Streams and Buckets.


Time saving

Faster and easier search queries

LexNow gives you faster access to more relevant results including :

The platform allows you to be up-to-date and trained in your areas of expertise / interest:

  • STREAMS: topic-specific information feeds
  • BUCKETS:  customized learning paths

Personalized library

Unlimited and modular access according to your needs and those of your teams

With LexNow, you have access to all the information relevant to your business, with no limits by subject.

  • Hyperlinks allow you to travel between documents without frustration
  • You can quickly find back your favourite documents
  • The historical versioning of legislative texts allows you to go back in time
  • Streams and Buckets allow you to build your own information flows and your learning paths

No more frustrations

All your search results are accessible across all subject areas

LexNow gives you faster access to more relevant results:

  • The doctrinal offer of Anthemis and die Keure-la Charte is available online
  • Transparent and innovative pricing model: a monthly degressive price based on the number of collaborators
  • A powerful translation engine allows you to consult the information in your preferred language
  • Possibility of testing all the platform’s features during 2 weeks before committing to a subscription

Augmented use of the platform

Excellent return on investment

Your search results are available across all law branches.

  • No surprises about the content: unlimited access
  • Available in multiple languages for better interpretation and argumentation
  • Enhanced customer experience:
    • Access to the Resource Center
    • Monthly webinars to answer all your questions
    • Interaction between the platform and the users for easier and faster learning
  • Knowledge management:
    • Assisted onboarding of all employees
    • Simplified dissemination about new content and new platform features

More than a traditional search engine

Boost your legal expertise

Working in the legal industry is not simply a matter of searching for documents.

LexNow answers to other complementary needs:

  • Streams: on a given topic, you have the possibility to :
    • Subscribe to information feeds compiled for you
    • Build your own Streams
    • Get notifications when new content is available
  • Buckets: or learning paths, allow you to discover the most essential concepts and notions on specific legal topics. You can :
    • Subscribe to a Bucket compiled for you
    • Create your own learning paths
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They trust us

As tax specialists, we are required to conduct a great deal of research in order to support our opinions and our work. As such, we use the LexNow platform on a regular basis and can testify with certainty to our complete satisfaction with what it offers, both in terms of its intuitive search interface and the exhaustiveness of the subjects…

The LexNow database is great when it comes to legislative texts. It contains the consolidated versions and offers the possibility to translate them into several languages. It also contains a lot of case law. Regarding to the doctrine, the access to books and journals is really top-level.

LexNow in a few words: a team very attentive to its customers, reactive and innovative.

Browsing the news on LexNow gives me a good start to my day. I am up to date with the latest case law and doctrine and thus ensure that I do not miss any important legal information. Regularly updated with new journals and books and updated with legislation, LexNow has become an essential database.